Artist’s Profile

Jill Koski is a native Minnesotan currently living in the Duluth area.   She began metalsmithing classes at the age of fifteen and was in the first graduating class from The Perpich Center for Arts Education.  At the University of Wisconsin-Superior, she earned a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Studio Art and a minor in Business.  She also has received certification from the Gemological Institute of America.  Jill creates unique, original pieces, producing her own lapidary and enameling work.


Artist’s Statement

Creating is a process of evolution and growth for me. From my earliest memories, it has been a necessary and integral part of who I am.   Driven by the challenge of testing my limits and those of the medium, I am constantly experimenting.  To make something from materials that are insignificant on their own, into an aesthetically pleasing object provides me with much contentment.